Creating a Collaborative Classroom Culture: Culturally Relevant Teaching

Students today are 21st Century Learners, and digital Natives. They have the ability to connect with other people and cultures and exceptionalities from around the globe. Classroom activities that include ways to connect in this way can help students gain the knowledge and skills that they need for future success.

People who work together are more successful, and it is important to be aware of this. For instance, scientific breakthroughs are always the result of collaboration. Technology has been used by groups of people to share information in real time with each other, collectively solve problems, work to find cures, create new collective knowledge bases, and find common ground across cultures.

Technology has the ability to give people a voice, and build strong communities too.

Building strong and positive interactions within a classroom.

Creating safe classrooms that is open to all cultures that can influence how students learn, how they feel about school, and their personal self esteem.

Promotes cooperation, by creating a culture where students are genuinely interested in each others learning, celebrate each others successes, encourage each other, and work together on projects and create collective knowledge bases together.

Dynamic, interactive, participating, responsibility, collaboration, student-centered, Project Based Learning, teacher as facilitator, students collaborating. Interacting to create something new, challenging real life tasks, lifelong skills, unique skills sets coming together, positive interactions, problem solving, discussions, and debates.







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