Reasons to include eLearning in your Planning and Assessment

Incorporating eLearning into our curriculum is the way of the future, and can be included in our present planning and assessment of our students.

eLearning is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • it allows for collaboration using technology
  • it helps students develop 21st century thinking skills
  • it deepens understanding of content
  • prepares students for the global world
  • integrates online collaborative tools to enhance learning experience

We as educators need to learn how to:

  • develop and understand frameworks to create and evaluate collaborative learning
  • integrate online tools and strategies into programming
  • teach students, teachers, parents, & community how to be safe online, and digital citizenship
  • Understand our students the best ways we can.
  • Be Culturally aware & use Digital technologies appropriately.

What educators need to do first, is develop an action plan. Know what it is you are going to teach, when, and how. Create your long range plan, keeping in mind that you can change things as you go.

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