11 Tips to Creating your Ideal Educational Blog


Blogging is an excellent way for Educators to reach out to parents and the surrounding community. It is also a great way to post information that students can access wherever they may be. However, it can also seem like a daunting task, especially since many of us grew up being taught to write with proper grammar, proper sentence and paragraph structure. However, the reality is, the community of people reading your posts just want your content to be clear, concise, and quick too. Blogging is an excellent way to promote student voice, metacognition, reflection, communication, collaboration, technology and other key literacy skills.


In this post I will highlight for you some great tips to help you craft your ideal educational blog.

11 Tips to Craft the Ideal Educational Blog:

  1. Keep your title short, and interesting! If your title is too long, you may lose some of your audience.
  2. Clearly identify your purpose or benefit of the blog, and let your commuity of readers know why it is important to them! What will they get out of it?
  3. Include other ways that the audience can connect with you and your school.
  4. Participate and share information about your students, class or work
  5. Write posts about other useful educational ‘Tips and Tricks’ as well that can benefit your audience somehow, ie., how to conduct an effective web search
  6. Use Images. Just remember to cite the sources for your images and give credit for them.
  7. Keep it interactive sometimes too! Ask for comments, or ask questions of others to help extend the conversation.
  8. Be consistent in your blogging, to help build that relationship with the members of your community. Post a blog at least once per week – or even every day!
  9. Reference valuable information, and other opinions of other bloggers.
  10. Curate other excellent educational information out there to include in your Blog
  11. Invite comments and engagement from students and community!

Blogging is also a great way to share your own unique voice and perspective, and work to include others and help them to feel a part of the community you are working with!

What kinds of great Educational material and discussions have you shared on your Blog?


Deborah McCallum

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4 responses to “11 Tips to Creating your Ideal Educational Blog”

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    […] 11 Tips to Create the Perfect Educational Blog. […]


  2. Janet Lee Avatar

    This is an excellent blog about blogging. 🙂 The genre is an art and building readership depends on consistent practice. For me, it has been great to be able to imagine my readers and what they might want to hear someone else say. Once we step out on that diving board and do a few real jumps, others will climb up too.

    Thanks so much for this post! Happy blogging! 😉
    JL from weinspirefutures.com


    1. Big Ideas in Education Avatar

      Hi Janet, Thank you very much for your post! I appreciate that imagery very much! As I am continuing to learn, I understand more and more that there is a real ‘art’ to building readership, and as you say, taking those first ‘real jumps’ and hopefully others will climb aboard too!

      D 😉


  3. Dwayne Avatar

    Mandar pra longe peso extra é provável sim. http://thebiglist.bigsunday.org/author/phillippsto/


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