Reflections on Purposes of Tech in Education

ImageOur modern eduction system now operated under the continual and unrelenting in-flux of 21st Century Technologies into our realm of communicating, sharing and obtaining information. This is deeply influencing the type of information, literacy and knowledge building skills that are desperately needed. 

However, education is simply not about the technology. Education is about opening up to new possibilities, freedoms, and connections. Technology can work to promote these ideals, if we are willing to accept this challenge. Tech platforms  offer possibilities to create new knowledge bases through reflection, collaboration, curation, and critical thinking. Our curriculum no longer exists on the pages of the curriculum documents. It is hyperlinked to the rest of the world. This is our big opportunity to help each other use it for the betterment of all.

This is our opportunity in education to:

  • educate in ways that promote critical and flexible thinking
  • pay close attention to our students and link the curriculum out to what matters most to them
  • put Aboriginal knowledge on equal footing with Eurocentric knowledge and practices
  • decolonize the assimilative practices in education and help protect against indoctrination  
  • open up doors and new opportunities in the world

This is not a formula for success, yet merely ideals that we can strive toward, if we are up to the challenge, 

Will you accept the challenge?

Deborah McCallum


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