Inquiry-based learning: harnessing children’s natural curiosity


A checklist available to help guide your Inquiry planning in Education.






10 responses to “Inquiry-based learning: harnessing children’s natural curiosity”

  1. […] teach, when, and how. Create your long range plan, but be flexible and allow for student needs and inquiry to take you where you need to go. Also, become familiar with social media and how to use it. If […]


  2. […] inquiry process is also essential and this is a process that can happen before during and after […]


  3. […] genius that we desperately need in our world should be equally acknowledged. I do believe that Inquiry Based Learning espouses the opportunities to do all of these things. The following steps outline my thinking of […]


  4. […] do we have so much difficulty understanding the Inquiry Process, and understanding key pedagogical shifts that promote learning in the 21st century? Why do […]


  5. […] Inquiry is amazing because it also encompasses all of the previous 4 strategies! It promotes student choice and voice, it can make learning more fun, it facilitates differentiation, and fits quite nicely with the SAMR. […]


  6. […] Inquiry Based Learning: Encourage learners to raise their own questions, brainstorm and hypothesize, research and […]


  7. […] philosophy was, and still is, very pragmatic. When I began the school year, I wanted to incorporate inquiry based learning, digital technologies, forest of reading, interdisciplinary learning, information processing and […]


  8. […] in Inquiry, makerspaces, genius hour as ways to personalize learning and promote […]


  9. […] need to be doing the same things with all of their students? To this extent, how does innovation, inquiry, and unique cultures play into the moderation […]


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