Knowledge Building in the Learning Commons


Knowledge Building in the Learning Commons


Knowledge Building in the Learning Commons

By Deborah McCallum

“Knowledge building is perhaps the most important skill of the 21st Century”

McCallum aligns the knowledge building process to major ideas and the standards from the new document Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons published by the Canadian Library Association.

McCallum discusses the role of the Learning Commons in creating a level playing field for a diverse community of learners who benefit from the skill support, the variety of resources and the flexibility offered. Collaboration and strategic planning are key elements to success.

When designing for knowledge building both the cognitive and affective domains are important to the fostering of life long-learners who are critical thinkers, and savvy participants in the digital world. McCallum explains the importance of embedded, cross curricular, information literacy skills and the affect of the learning environment on ability to offer participatory learning experiences for knowledge building.

Discover how knowledge building weaves a common thread through the new standards.

Treasure Mountain Site and Knowledge Building



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