Math Pattern: Problem Solving with a Gallery Walk

Today our students worked on a Patterning Problem to:

  • describe and extend a geometric pattern
  • make predictions related to this pattern
  • investigate this problem with manipulatives
  • ask questions
  • present findings and express the patterning rule. IMG_3629.JPG

IMG_3625.JPGWe began with a whole group discussion of the problem posed in class.

Minds on: We engaged in a think pair share about what the problem was asking us to do, then took it up with the class until everyone understood what the problem was asking of them. Then we made a plan in groups of 2 – 3 with grid chart paper and interlocking cubes to organize their thinking and solve the problem

Action: Students carried out their plans. As they did I was able to go observe, take anecdotal notes, and ask key questions to aid in comprehension.

Consolidation: After the groups hung their solutions on the walls, the other students took sticky notes and took a gallery walk around the room to view each solution. As they viewed, they asked questions about the group’s solutions.

Then, each group had an opportunity to present their answers to the sticky note questions!

More reflection to come both about the math problem itself, and about math processes including questioning, and reflecting and connecting!

Stay tuned for more details!







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