Growth Mindsets in Math

Teachers expectations of students abilities in the classroom play significant roles in learner success. Likewise, learner mindsets have strong impacts in education. 

For decades, educators have worked hard to cultivate student success within learning environments. One of the ways that this has been accomplished is with positive, open and flexible mindsets

Today perhaps more than ever, there is a real call for promoting the kinds of growth mindsets that will help everyone to confront the new challenges that schools are facing in the 21st century. 

Among these challenges include staying abreast of advances in advertising, social media, and other internet-based technologies that warrant effective instruction of mathematics and the application of critical thinking skills to protect the mindsets of our youth. 

The psychology behind open and flexible mindsets is also about identifying where teacher understanding meets the unique ranges of experiences brought forth by the students, and then striving to blend the various talents within the classroom. 

In short, it is the combined skills of the educators in conjunction with the skills and strengths of the learners that create new growth potential. 

The development of a comprehensive framework that fits with your personal pedagogy, however requires critical thought. It is not effective to merely believe in the power of ‘positive’ thinking about our students. 

The best way to realize the potential within ourselves and the potential within others, especially our learners is, to set and identify reasonable goals – not as ultimate boundaries to where you can go – but as markers of success like success criteria and learning goals; for instance to help others via sharing and collaborating.

How will you integrate a growth mathematical mindset into your program?

Deborah McCallum
Copyright, 2015







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