More sites to review – student-friendly, engaging, visual, inquiry-based

TDSB Professional Library

Based on recent reviews in the professional literature, here are 3 sites worth checking. What do they have in common? They are:  very visual;  include interactive and multimedia features; student friendly; multiple subjects. Remember to review all the sites before recommending them to students.

Wonderoplis provided by the (US) National Center for Families Learning, asks a new question every day and provides the answer with text, video. It encourages imagination, creativity and inquiry and the wonders are searchable by grade and subject.

iWONDER is sponsored by the BBC and is definitely totally British which may create content and perspective that is foreign to some students. Like Wonderopolis, iWONDER asks different questions and provides content to support the answer. Articles can be found to support different subject including arts, food, science, history etc. My personal comment is that the iWONDER page does not sit uniquely by itself, so it is too easy…

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