Strategies & Objectives


As students embody knowledge, skills and dispositions, then they become enhanced theories of their own experiences. What students do becomes their practice. This prompts me to consider what knowledge, skills and dispostions that we in our ‘school’s’ allow students to embody. Do we give them the knowledge, or do we allow them to build knowledge based on our constructivist instructional strategies? Do we allow them to develop skills? Do we allow their unique dispositions come through, or do we use behaviouristic strategies to control the dispositions. Are students allowed to develop their own theories in action, or are they extensions of the the teacher’s theory of action?

My strategies include:

  • Orrganizing lessons and units around problems and student interests.
  • Integrating subject matter.
  • Incorporating a variety of instructional materials.
  • Using whole, small and individualized groups.
  • Making my schedule flexible with adjustable time periods.
  • Creating heterogenous groupings –
  • Differentiating for students
  • Helping students to actively seek information that can be used or applied.
  • Variability of classroom experiences and instructional situations.
  • Promoting equal and flexible standards, with special consideration for lower achievers (ornsteing & Hunkins).
  • Incorporating strategies that promote a deeper understanding of FNMI perspectives

It is also important to be aware of the Hidden Curriculum. The next post will describe the Hidden Curriculum in greater detail.

Part IV: Hidden Curriculum

Deborah McCallum


Schubert, W. (2009). What is Worthwhile: From Knowing and Needing to Being and Sharing. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, 6, (1), 22-40.






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