Art in Literature

The Forest of Technology is a program/website devoted to connecting and sharing cross-curricular endeavours as they relate to the Forest of Reading. Possibilities for integrating the arts into high quality and recent literature are infinite. Integration with Drama via Greenscreen, and Visual arts, and other digital technologies to document and share learning are all possibilities of integrating art into the Forest of Reading.

Now, when I paint a picture I just allow myself to be used. I pick up the pencil and the canvas. I allow the interaction with soul to reflect in the mind, to put down these images of people, men or women or children especially. I may draw a hundred children, but there is never the same colour. Each colour represents a different kind of sickness, I suppose. So now how does it work? I believe that everyone has a colour space. When one looks at a picture, the picture and the colours reflect in the mind or in soul or in whatever part of the body has the colour space inside of you. So now for a brief moment you are more or less in tune with it. When you do that you heal yourself. The colour heals you. I don’t heal you. The spirit doesn’t heal you. It’s the colour that does something. ~ Norval Morrisseau, Return to the House of Invention, 2005, p 17.

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