Where to find Free Images for Projects

copyright-1714473_1920Educators and learners alike are increasingly involved in creating meaningful projects online. Most projects include visuals, but did you know that images are also intellectual property? Just because an image is on the internet, does not mean that it is free to use. It is still important to ascertain whether that visual information is protected under copyright, or has a creative commons licence.

Some resources that we can go to find more information about whether we can use an image includes:

Copyright Decision Tool for Teachers: from the Ministry of Education in Ontario.

Copyright Matters 4th Edition

But where else are we able to go to find images that we are allowed to use? How do we properly cite them? How do we promote digital citizenship?

Check out the following links that can help:

Creative Commons Canada – sign up to receive information, follow on twitter.

Creative Commons: This is the place to go to obtain information on the proper ways to cite our sources when they are not 100% public, or 100% Copyright: https://creativecommons.org/

Free Images Can also be found here:

New York Public Library: 180,000+ Images Free to Share and Reuse

Free Images.com:

Open ClipArt

Google Images

  1. Search your images
  2. Click on ‘Search Tools’ in Menu above
  3. Click on ‘Usage Rights’ in new menu that opens
  4. Click down Arrow and scroll to: ‘Labelled for Re-use’. Remember to cite the images you find here!

*Disclaimer: You have no control over the types of pictures that may show up. May not be appropriate for younger viewers.

Images 100% Safe for Students to Search


PixabayPixabay.com: License: CC0 Public Domain / Images Free for commercial use / No attribution required

Photos for Class: http://photosforclass.com/ – The images are automatically cited!

Free Images embedded in app: Shadow Puppet Edu (free iPad app) – has safe and free image searches built in that can be used it their slide show – the images are automatically cited at the end of the slide show!!!!

EduPic: http://www.edupic.net/  The images are only free for use without permission for educators and students!

Pics4Learning: http://www.pics4learning.com/ 

Totally Free Images.com: Includes drawings, paintings, maps and astronomy! totallyfreeimages.com

Remix Your Own Picture!

Adobe Post: iOS app  https://post.adobe.com/

Remember, that all images still need to be cited, unless otherwise indicated!

Please share any other great sources you may have!

Deborah McCallum



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