Learning Commons Technology Mini-MOOC

Learning Commons Technology Mini-MOOC

The purposes of a Library Learning Commons are inherent in the 5 Standards of the Canadian Library Association. They can be found in the Leading Learning Document.

They are as follows:

  1. Facilitating collaborative engagement to cultivate and empower a community of learners.
  2. Advancing the learning community to achieve school goals.
  3. Cultivating effective instructional design to co-plan, teach and assess learning.
  4. Fostering literacies to empower life-long learners.
  5. Designing learning environments to support participatory learning.

The Learning Commons therefore plays a big role in providing options for collaborative engagement, innovation in learning design opportunities,  and multiple literacies. That is why I created this Technology Mini-MOOC.

I created this mini-mooc with the goal of providing free, flexible and safe spaces to try out new tech skills. This is a way to increase engagement of students, educators and parents alike. By increasing basic technology skills, we are also increasing the differentiated pathways that can engage learners, and improve student achievement.

It is important to provide agile, and differentiated learning experiences for all learners.

This MOOC is about fostering digital and technical literacies that can empower and promote life-long learning. Enrollment is set at 10 per term in order to provide personalized feedback and guidance to candidates if needed. No timelines, no deadlines. When students, educators, parents and community have a safe space to go to build confidence and agency in tech skills, we are helping them to gain vital skills in a globalized, future-oriented learning environment.

Please join the MOOC, or peruse the site as we create new networked learning communities together that enable us to respond to ever changing school, district and global demands.

While still a work in progress, I would appreciate feedback to make this better for when it officially launches.

Please check out our site at: Learning Commons Technology in Learning Mini-MOOC



Deborah McCallum

c 2015



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