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  • A comparison of assessment approaches for reading

    A comparison of assessment approaches for reading

    The following is a comparison of approaches to reading assessment that I believe are part of the crux of the ‘reading wars’. I think it is important to recognize that teachers do it all each day. If you’re a teacher working with students in kindergarten through third grade, you know that assessment is essential to…

  • Leadership & Goal Setting

    Leadership & Goal Setting

    Goal setting is an essential part of Instructional Leadership, yet also laden with many difficulties. What do we need to do to create meaningful goals?

  • Summative Assessment

    Summative Assessment

    Educators need to co-create summative assessments to create more reliable and valid evaluations.

  • Selecting Mathematical Strategies

    Selecting Mathematical Strategies

    Helping students to select a mathematical strategy vs executing a strategy correctly.

  • STEAM Job descriptions for Curriculum Planning

        Using job descriptions can facilitate program planning and student learning. A job description provides us with rich opportunities to extract content areas, learning goals, success criteria, and rich tasks for learning. It just doesn’t matter if the position is paid or not, volunteer or mandatory. The point is that you will often find key…

  • Is Assessment also an Inquiry?

    Is Assessment also an Inquiry?

    Assessing reading ability is a very difficult task. This is because reading is very complex. What exactly are readers doing when they read? How do they understand what they read? At this day in age, I think we are more aware that reading is one of the most important skills that we need. It is…

  • Instructional and Assessment Design Strategies

    Instructional and Assessment Design Strategies

    When working with our young readers, the way we design our instruction and assessment has a significant impact on the development of proficiency.

  • Equity in Assessment

    Equity in Assessment

    Research on multicultural groups including Black, Hispanic, First Nation, and ESL suggests that standards based reforms, large scale assessments, implementation of standards based reforms are unfair (Volante, 2008). We run into problems when the big data is always used to prove what works in education, for instance, why we need Librarians, more standardized texts for…