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  • Makerspaces for All

    Makerspaces for All

        Over this last year, I have had the opportunity to understand what Education for All, Learning for All, differentiation and equity on deeper levels due to working in a Makerspace. Learning isĀ about problem solving, creating positive math mindsets, constructing and building knowledge through hands on activities, and most of all, promoting equity. No…

  • ‘Quiet’? or ‘Conversational’ Classrooms

    ‘Quiet’? or ‘Conversational’ Classrooms

    The term ‘Quiet’ in our traditional school classrooms, often equates to ‘compliance’. This was very important when our traditional school system was built over 100 years ago. It was essential that we had compliance from our students to adequately train them for the industrial era. When I think of quiet classrooms, I think about the…

  • Math Differentiation with Open Ended Questions

    Math Differentiation with Open Ended Questions

    Rich Questions in Math for Differentiation by idmccallum on GoAnimate http://goanimate.com/player/embed/05eArACW1QJs?utm_source=social&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_campaign=usercontent

  • Facilitating a Digital Publishing Program in my new Education Commons Role

      Last year started out as an exciting year, where I had the opportunity to launch a Student Publishing Program in our Library. Inspired by the SAMR and Technology Integration Matrix, and the TPACK models, I decided to design a Digital Publishing Program. As I continue with this initiative in this new school year, I…

  • 13 Strategies to Promote Equity and Diversity in the Classroom For First Nations, Metis & Inuit Students

    The FNMI populations across North America are incredibly diverse, both linguistically and culturally. With literally hundreds of different First Nations and Aboriginal populations, we are faced with many challenges with regards to how we can adequately preserve Indigenous knowledge and ways of living within Canada. Indigenous populations are also the fastest growing populations in Canada.…