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  • Making Read-Alouds Purposeful – Canadian School Libraries Journal

    Making Read-Alouds Purposeful – Canadian School Libraries Journal — Read on journal.canadianschoollibraries.ca/making-read-alouds-purposeful/ https://journal.canadianschoollibraries.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/McCallumFeature.png

  • Literacy Instruction: From ‘Best Practices’ to Centering Student Voices

    I am thinking about the intersections of literacy instruction and learning that centers the voices of Black students. I know that even as I am thinking about this, and sharing my own thoughts and questions, that I have been indoctrinated with racist tendencies that I have subconsciously absorbed: 10 Ways Good White People Can Help…

  • Effective Reading Instruction

    Effective Reading Instruction

    What are the instructional strategies that promote reading success especially for marginalized students?

  • Makerspaces for All

    Makerspaces for All

        Over this last year, I have had the opportunity to understand what Education for All, Learning for All, differentiation and equity on deeper levels due to working in a Makerspace. Learning is about problem solving, creating positive math mindsets, constructing and building knowledge through hands on activities, and most of all, promoting equity. No…

  • In support of Libraries for Academic Success & Equity

    In support of Libraries for Academic Success & Equity

    Libraries are essential in building academic success and equity in our schools and learning environments. This is very easy when staff and students come from similar backgrounds and share similar languages, experiences and expectations. But what about the ‘others’? The one’s who do not share similar experiences, expectations, languages, and backgrounds? First, what does it…

  • Innovation for New Pedagogies and Education Spaces

    Innovation for New Pedagogies and Education Spaces

    I have been thinking a lot lately about the deeper ‘why’ behind the need for innovation in education. The deeper WHY behind the need for new spaces and also new initiatives including, but not limited to, makerspaces and genius hour. While I have led initiatives like these before, and believe in them, I wanted to…

  • Socially Transforming the Classroom

    Socially Transforming the Classroom

    What does it mean to be normal? How can we tell if new and innovative tasks and pedagogies are truly authentic – or just considered authentic because it fits into our privileged views of what normal is? Innovation. New Pedagogies. Digital literacies. 21st Century Learning Skills. How do we make sure we are not just…

  • Equity in Assessment

    Equity in Assessment

    Research on multicultural groups including Black, Hispanic, First Nation, and ESL suggests that standards based reforms, large scale assessments, implementation of standards based reforms are unfair (Volante, 2008). We run into problems when the big data is always used to prove what works in education, for instance, why we need Librarians, more standardized texts for…