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    I think that feedback is one of those constructs in education that seems both ‘common sensical’ yet elusive at the same time. It is absolutely essential to learning, (and we all know this to be true), but for me, the feedback always seemed to something I had to ‘complete’ or ‘achieve’ with the students at…

  • The Feedback-Friendly Classroom

    The Feedback-Friendly Classroom

    How do you create a Feedback-Friendly culture with your learners? Join the Book Club for the month of January, 2018, starting January 9 online at TeachOntario: https://www.teachontario.ca/community/explore/TO-OSLA-book-club/projects/the-feedback-friendly-classroom-book-club Check out Pembroke Publishers for more information about the book, See you online! Deborah McCallum  

  • STEAM Job descriptions for Curriculum Planning

        Using job descriptions can facilitate program planning and student learning. A job description provides us with rich opportunities to extract content areas, learning goals, success criteria, and rich tasks for learning. It just doesn’t matter if the position is paid or not, volunteer or mandatory. The point is that you will often find key…

  • The Big Ideas in Education and STEAM

      How do we plan for STEAM? We start with the Big Ideas.   Attached is a chart I created to link the Big Ideas in Education with S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). Big Ideas in Education STEAM This chart is specifically geared toward the Ministry of Ontario curricula that address STEAM subjects, and specifically…

  • 14 Considerations for Inquiry Based Learning

      Inquiry is essential. The fact is that students come to school with partial knowledges.  But the curriculum documents themselves do not address the parts that students know or don’t know. It has been built to present to us about the privileged people and only the most successful moments in history according to those people.…

  • Fill out our Wonder Wall! Promoting Feedback and Inquiry #ontsshg

    Promoting Feedback and Inquiry in the Social Studies, History and Geography classroom. Join us next Thursday February 25 @ 9PM on Twitter: #ontsshg Please take a moment and fill out our Wonder Wall!   //padlet.com/embed/9eudhsqpcubc Created with Padlet

  • The Formal Assessment of Literacy Skills

    The Formal Assessment of Literacy Skills

      There are several key reasons that need to be involved with formally assessing student literacy: First, we can gain key diagnostic information about the current skills that our students have. We also can glean key information about the previous knowledge and experiences of our students through meaningful diagnostic assessments. Second, it provides opportunities for…

  • Learning is Complicated: 4 Myths in Education Explained

    Learning is Complicated: 4 Myths in Education Explained

      Education abounds with myths, several of those ‘myths’ are about how the brain works. These myths have a long standing history of being perpetuated, believed, purchased, and shared. As educators we all have our own inquiries and hypotheses of how students learn best, sometimes we do this with a lack of educational research. This…