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  • Feedback & Inquiry Twitter Chat Part II

    The Feedback Friendly Classroom: Twitter chat Part II of Feedback and Inquiry: March 31, 9PM

  • 14 Considerations for Inquiry Based Learning

      Inquiry is essential. The fact is that students come to school with partial knowledges.  But the curriculum documents themselves do not address the parts that students know or don’t know. It has been built to present to us about the privileged people and only the most successful moments in history according to those people.…

  • Fill out our Wonder Wall! Promoting Feedback and Inquiry #ontsshg

    Promoting Feedback and Inquiry in the Social Studies, History and Geography classroom. Join us next Thursday February 25 @ 9PM on Twitter: #ontsshg Please take a moment and fill out our Wonder Wall!   //padlet.com/embed/9eudhsqpcubc Created with Padlet

  • Is Assessment also an Inquiry?

    Is Assessment also an Inquiry?

    Assessing reading ability is a very difficult task. This is because reading is very complex. What exactly are readers doing when they read? How do they understand what they read? At this day in age, I think we are more aware that reading is one of the most important skills that we need. It is…

  • Teacher Moderation & Assessment in the age of Knowledge and Innovation

    Teacher Moderation & Assessment in the age of Knowledge and Innovation

    I think it behooves us to ask ourselves whether collaborative assessment practices including moderation, is different now that we are headed into 2016 – versus what it looked like in 2006? The process of grading and assessing students is very subjective, and it always has been – but with so much information, technology, globalization, opportunities…

  • 5 Reasons you need to be a Content Curator

    5 Reasons you need to be a Content Curator

    No doubt about it, Content Curation is one of the most important digital skills of our time. The basic fact is that Curation is a strategy that we need just to begin to implement and sift through all of the information online.The following explains the top reasons why we need to engage in quality content curation…

  • ‘Quiet’? or ‘Conversational’ Classrooms

    ‘Quiet’? or ‘Conversational’ Classrooms

    The term ‘Quiet’ in our traditional school classrooms, often equates to ‘compliance’. This was very important when our traditional school system was built over 100 years ago. It was essential that we had compliance from our students to adequately train them for the industrial era. When I think of quiet classrooms, I think about the…

  • What is important in Education?

    What is Important in Education?   I have recently been doing some reading and listening to  John Seely Brown, and so much of what he has discussed in his work resonates with my own thought processes and inquiries right now. As I think about how our education system needs to change in order to promote…