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  • Feedback Matrix for Instructional Design

    The art and science of giving feedback is complex. What may appear to be quite easy to give, while at the same time quite difficult to fit in a busy schedule- is actually a complex process that we need to involve learners in. The following is a Feedback Matrix that I created to help educators…

  • Feedback & Inquiry Twitter Chat Part II

    The Feedback Friendly Classroom: Twitter chat Part II of Feedback and Inquiry: March 31, 9PM

  • Who Benefits from Collaboration & Does it Matter?

    Who Benefits from Collaboration & Does it Matter?

    Collaboration unfolds differently in different situations, yet more often than not, we make assumptions about the effects of collaboration in all settings and for all purposes. I recently read the following document entitled: Collaborative Overreach: Why collaboration probably isn’t key to the next phase of school reform by James Croft: http://www.cmre.org.uk/sites/default/files/Collaborative%20overreach.pdf According to this article,…

  • Math Differentiation with Open Ended Questions

    Math Differentiation with Open Ended Questions

    Rich Questions in Math for Differentiation by idmccallum on GoAnimate http://goanimate.com/player/embed/05eArACW1QJs?utm_source=social&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_campaign=usercontent

  • Questions for Knowledge, Development and Learning

      Knowledge is not a fixed entity. It is fluid and ever-changing. With that in mind, it is beneficial as educators to get into the habit of asking fundamental questions about knowledge. For instance, What is knowledge? How is knowledge produced? What knowledge do I have, and why is it different than someone else’s? Who…