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  • How to help older students learn how to read

    There are a number of evidence-based strategies that can be used to teach students in high school how to read. These include: The National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance (NCEE) has published a practice guide on teaching reading in grades 4-8. The guide is based on a review of the research literature on…

  • Key Considerations for Reading Instruction

    Reading is an essential skill that lays the foundation for success in school and beyond. As such, it’s no surprise that the research and evidence that inform our understanding of how reading skills develop and how best to teach reading – is a hot topic in the field of education. There are a number of…

  • A comparison of assessment approaches for reading

    A comparison of assessment approaches for reading

    The following is a comparison of approaches to reading assessment that I believe are part of the crux of the ‘reading wars’. I think it is important to recognize that teachers do it all each day. If you’re a teacher working with students in kindergarten through third grade, you know that assessment is essential to…

  • What is the purpose of Decodable Texts?

    Decodables versus levelled readers

  • Reading, Disability & Blackness

    Reading, Disability & Blackness

    After listening to Thomas Reid and his must-listen-to podcast “Reid My Mind Radio” I find myself thinking deeper about blackness and reading, disability and reading, and of course, the intersectionality of blackness and disability.

  • Brain Words Book Club: How the Science of  Reading Informs Teaching

    Brain Words Book Club: How the Science of Reading Informs Teaching

    “When we speak of building a dictionary in each child’s brain, we are referring to building a bank of syllables and words within each child – that includes information on pronunciation, meaning, and critically, spelling. These stored patterns and words referred to by scientists as lexical representations, we refer to here as brain words” p…

  • Literacy Instruction: From ‘Best Practices’ to Centering Student Voices

    I am thinking about the intersections of literacy instruction and learning that centers the voices of Black students. I know that even as I am thinking about this, and sharing my own thoughts and questions, that I have been indoctrinated with racist tendencies that I have subconsciously absorbed: 10 Ways Good White People Can Help…

  • Effective Reading Instruction

    Effective Reading Instruction

    What are the instructional strategies that promote reading success especially for marginalized students?